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Monogram-Perfect Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts are more popular than ever, and there is no better way to do this than with classically designed monogrammed initials. There are many ways to go about this, which include utilizing computerized embroidery technology, laser engravers and a wide array of permanent inks. A beautifully done personalized monogram looks impressive and adds a touch of class and sophistication to decorative accessories in the home.


monogram makerMonograms have been used more than two thousand years. Typically, they are designs that involve two or more letters connected in a decorative manner. The letters sometimes interlock, they could have a border, be surrounded by some interesting artwork, or just arranged so that they look distinctive. A monogram can also be made with just one letter, as long as it’s decorative. It adds flair and designates ownership. Check our monogram maker to see your personalized monogram fonts. Searching for monogram machine, you can check the styles here for monograms.


Can I create my own monogram?

A monogram can be created from an arrangement of words, but it is usually derived out of someone’s initials. You will see custom monograms on luggage, on clothing, personal accessories, items in the home, glassware, or just about anything. The classic monogram consists of three letters, with the first initial of the individual’s last name in the middle, somewhat larger in size than the other letters. The initial of the person’s first name would appear on the left, and their middle initial on the right.


Couples who are engaged or married also use three-letter monograms. The standard arrangement is to have the couple’s shared last name in the middle, with the first letter of each of their first names on the left and to the right. However, couples are perfectly within their rights to arrange the letters according to their preference. Table linens are often monogramed to show the initials of the wife’s first name on the left. Home accessories like bed linens, ash trays and bar glasses tend to have the husband’s initial monogramed on the left side instead. According to the Emily Post Institute, the authority on etiquette, a bride must never use any item with the couple’s married monogram on it until after they’ve said their wedding vows.

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What is the correct order for initials in a monogram?

As a professional jeweler who engraves monograms, we get asked this question all the time. The way the letters are ordered depends on several things. Usually people want to go with monogramming etiquette, which can be confusing. Traditionally, the structure has the initial of the last name in the center. On the left would be the initial of the first name, and to the right, the initial of the middle name. A classic monogram for someone named Arianne Elizabeth Johnson would be AJE.


You can design your very own monogram, or go with the classic version. It’s your choice. A great way to impress your boss or someone you love when bestowing a gift is to have it monogrammed. Your monogrammed necklaces jeweler can monogram a wedding ring, bracelet, or locket for a woman and monogrammed cuff links still remain a favorite gift for men. Now you have learnt monogram history, monogram fonts, monogram order and monogram maker and generator links, it is time to browse some amazing monogrammed necklaces in gold and silver.


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